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Deliver Leads That Matter

Deliver your message to decision-makers strategically and with intent to ensure effectiveness.

Exceptional marketing is all about building a target audience and establishing trust by consistently giving them creative, nurturing, and strategic content.

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Why Content Marketing?

Content Optimization

B2B industry studies report more than 85% of product and solution buyers use targeted white papers, industry reports and case studies for research, before contacting a vendor regarding a purchase.

Promotional Campaigns

Content syndication allows you to cost effectively leverage your products and solutions by exposing your contents to an identified group of decision-makers searching for information related to business problems that your company solves.

Targeted Engagement

“When researching a specific major solution, the average decision-maker typically needs to consume 5 pieces of content before being ready to speak with a sales representative.” (IDG Enterprise)

Optimizing Cost Per Lead (CPL)

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Content Optimization

Build creative, nurturing, and strategic content

This content-centric approach to lead generation uses a multi-touch digital delivery strategy to drive downloads of your content and maximize lead acquisition.

  • White Papers
  • Case Studies
  • Analyst Reports
  • Web Seminars
  • Infographics
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Audience Matters

Pay only for those leads you designate

A Content Syndication Program uses data targets to build segmentations that drive precision lead generation campaigns.

This audience segmentation tactic ensures the right people are engaging your content.

Your content is “gated” with a registration form, which requires individuals who download the content to agree to provide their contact information. We deliver these powerful targets on a CPL (cost per lead) basis, reliant only on the qualifiers you set forth.

*First lead report delivered 5-7 business days post-campaign launch.

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Meet Brandemand

A key partner with a turnkey content syndication service.

There are thousands of web sites and ad networks offering to post your content and charge you for leads. Who connects you with the right contacts the first time? Who provides truly unique leads?

  • Brandemand builds and continuously refreshes and maintains the database.
  • Brandemand provides program management.
  • Brandemand produces the leads in house.
  • Brandemand manages campaign tracking and lead management.
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Brandemand In Motion

A step-by-step path to success.
  • DISCUSS program needs and build targeted list segment, maximizing return on investment (ROI).
  • PROVIDE the lowest possible cost per lead (CPL) based on desired lead qualifications.
  • ENGAGE prospects with content through a promotional campaign and MONITOR content performance.
  • VERIFY lead quality before sending through email or uploading directly into your customer relationship management (CRM) system.
  • PREPARE content lead summary audit and incorporate lead conversation information (if available).
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A Program That Delivers

This highly-targeted promotional campaign drives engagement and effectively leverages your gated content.

  • All created content is delivered via an outbound promotional campaign allowing you to stimulate or capture interest from your designated target audience.
  • This content-centric approach to lead generation uses a multi-touch digital delivery strategy to drive downloads of these contents and maximize lead acquisition.
  • Drive thought leadership, brand recognition, and increase perception with the creation of your content
  • Access and engage our powerful audience
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Best Practices

Strategize your post-campaign strategy using these key tips

Content syndication top-of-the-funnel leads are thoroughly vetted for quality and accuracy, but they still require engagement by you and your team.

  • Building the relationship is a win. Nurture the lead with an introduction to yourself and your company's solutions.
  • Prospects respond to content based on how well the information you provide aligns with the current problems they are trying to solve. Emphasize their problem and your solution.
  • Educate prospects. Don't assume they know about your solutions. Teach them and establish credibility.
  • Ask open-ended questions and stop talking. Give the lead more opportunity to engage and think about their responses. Let them lead the conversation.
  • Professional persistence is key. Remember, top-of-funnel leads need to be developed by nurturing until they are in market for your product or solution and may take time to convert.

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